The most profitable and reliable way of delivery of goods is international sea container shipping. The main advantage of this mode of transportation is low cost. The company Balanced Logistics is ready to provide assistance in organizing the delivery of small loads of prefabricated containers or the delivery of a whole container. In the field of sea container transportation, we are ready to provide the following services:

  • Sea container transportation of general cargo (FCL)
  • Sea container transportation of consignments of cargo through the countries of Europe (LCL)
  • Customs clearance and Gargo insurance
  • Intraport cargo forwarding
  • Goods certification
  • Oversize cargo deliveries
  • Temperature controlled deliveries
General characteristics
Approximate transit time Minimum cargo weight Cargo Insurance
35-45 days 100 kg+ on all way
Main advantages
Low Freight costs
Sea transport is the most cost effective option of all possible, so it is often chosen when it is important to save the budget.
The international legislation that regulates maritime transportation has been carefully worked out, so it will not be necessary to solve suddenly arising organizational issues. The whole process of trans-porting runs smoothly and without a hitch.
All cargo in the process of transportation is in containers, which are securely fixed on the ship. During transportation, the risk of damage to the goods, as well as the occurrence of various unforeseen circumstances, is minimal. 

Thus, any cargo will be brought to the main port of any city exactly at the agreed time; further, the cargo will be already delivered whether by normal chassis or by a sideloader directly "to the door" of the consignee.

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