Warehouse and Storage

Warehouse in St.Petersburg, Russia 

Warehouse has rack and floor storage zones for various types of goods. Usage of WMS system allows to process cargos with any degree of multiplicity, select and form consignments from wide range of nominations.

Warehouse in Helsinki, Finland  

The logistics terminal is located next to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL). The terminal was specially designed for fast servicing of large cargo traffic and reducing the time of cargo handling.

  •  Total area: 25 000 m2
  •  Customs bonded terminal: 5 825 m2
  •  Office area: 415 m2
  •  The possibility of parking trucks on the territory
Warehouse in Lithuania

Storage of goods on modern customs and commercial warehouses. The warehouse is equipped with fire alarm smoke and thermal detectors, sprinkler fire extinguishing. Accuracy and quality of services helps to provide a modern warehouse management system (WMS).

  •  Area: 16 775 m2
  •  Height: 9,5 m
  • 30 standard ramps and one for non-standard loads
  • Fire-fighting system with smoke and heat sensors, sprinkler extinguishing
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