Cargo Certification

Certification of certain types of goods for customs clearance is a necessity, the purpose of which is to confirm compliance with domestic standards of imported goods. First of all, through certification, the state controls the safety of imported goods. We are always ready to help our Customers obtain the necessary permits for successful customs clearance.

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  • Refusal letters
    A rejection letter is a document issued by an accredited certification body, which states that the products are not a subject of mandatory certification. A rejection letter is required when it is not entirely clear by what code of the OKP or CN code of the products can be categorized.
  • Sanitary and epidemiological conclusions
    Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion, it is also a hygienic certificate - a document confirming that the products comply with the established hygiene standards and sanitary rules of the Russian Federation.
  • Certificates of conformity
    Certificate of conformity is a document confirming the conformity of products to the quality and safety requirements established for it by the current standards and rules (GOST, GOST, GOST, IEC, etc.). 
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