Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is an important aspect of transportation. Transportations are advised to be insured. But the important question is, are they insured to what extent or with what coverage of losses, full or partial?
According to NSAB 2015, in case of absence of insurance, responsibility of freight forwarder is limited to 8,33 account units per 1 kg of gross weight of lost or damaged part of the cargo. From what cost will the calculation of insurance come and how quickly will the damage be compensated? These are, perhaps, the main questions.

Cargo  insurance is always an option. The basis of the calculus is a document for the goods (invoice). The cost of such insurance, depending on the route of the cargo, can vary from 0.1% to 0.4% of the value of the cargo. When ordering a cargo insurance service, we turn to well-known and reliable insurance companies. Therefore, our customers can be assured of the quality of the service offered. Registration of insurance with us is quick and easy and, most importantly, - reliable.

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