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General , groupage and DGR cargoes all over the world
Delivery: 1 day
Weight: 1 kg+
General, groupage and ADR cargoes from/to any region
Delivery: 3 days
Weight: 30 kg+
General, Groupage and project cargo all over ther world
Delivery: 30 days
Weight: 100 kg+
Railway transportation
General, bulk and oversize cargo
Delivery: 10 days
Weight: 100 kg+
Warehouse and Storage Services
General, groupage and dangerous goods
Delivery: 1 day
Weight: 1 kg+
Cargo Insurance
General, groupage, project cargo
Delivery: 1 day
Weight: 1kg+
Customs Clearance
Finland, Russia and Belarus. Fast and Reliable
Consultancy in Foreign trade activities matters
Let's free up time and resources for the development of your business
Cargo Forwarding
Favorable conditions from a financial and logistic point of view