Railway transport

Rail transport allows you to quickly deliver bulky, heavy goods to all regions of Finland and Russia with relatively low cost. Balanced Logistics works in the field of international rail transportation and provides transportation services in whole containers as well as in consolidated cargoes.

The cost of delivery is calculated by the following criteria:

  • cargo dimensions

  • weight containing in 1 cubic meter

  • overall cargo volume

  • cargo commodity

  • final destination

  • approximate delivery date

It should be noted that each case of sending a container is considered individually. We are always ready to offer the most favorable tariffs, and the client has always the choice - save money or save time. Delivery time varies starting from 20-25 days.

Advantages of rail transportation

  • High speed of delivery, independent of weather conditions and other circumstances.

  • Reliability. Compared with other modes of transport, railway is considered to be the safest. The use of special wagons allows you to deliver any cargo in safety. 

  • Advantageous cost of cargo transportation. Most of the goods are sent as a part of the combined cargo, which allows you to significantly decrease cost for the transportation. The customer pays only a portion of the cost of the total packaging that his cargo occupies.

  • The ability to quickly deliver goods to remote communities that are often inaccessible to another mode of transport.

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our staff, we provide high quality organization and movement of cargo along the supply chain in accordance with the applicable legislation. The customer is provided with all necessary documentation. We take care of our customers, so we try to find the optimal tariff, which will ensure fast transportation of goods at minimal cost.

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