Cargo Forwarding

Our company carries out a number of activities, such as:

  • Fast delivery of goods to the customer
  • Our specialists carry out a thorough development of the route
  • We choose the most profitable way of transportation
  • Without fail we check the complete set of the goods we transport
  • We carry out packing and loading, as well as insurance of the goods in the used vehicle
  • Our specialists prepare a complete package of documents for customs clearance, while taking into account all existing norms and standards
  • We control every process of work, which allows us to guarantee the quality and reliability of our services
Advantages of  Balanced Logistics company

Our company has already been in the modern market for a long time, for this time we were able to establish ourselves as a qualified and reliable company. The main advantages of our work include:

  • We draw up and ship the goods using reliable and mutually beneficial contractual relations with container terminals and shipping lines.
  • Our company saves your time, as it takes all the responsibilities for itself. Our specialists are forwarders of even the most dangerous goods transported.
  • In the port the cargo spends the minimum amount of time.
  • The customer receives his cargo at his warehouse in the fastest time.

Our company employs only qualified specialists who have extensive experience in this field, which allows us to work at the highest level.

How is the international forwarding cost formed? The amount of the transaction is affected by a large number of factors, such as:

  • What exactly is the distance between the starting and ending points of transportation of the goods.
  • Particular importance is the characteristics of the goods carried.
  • The monetary value is affected by the complexity of the package of documents, as well as the passage of customs.

In our company, employees work with the delivery of goods, while they offer advantageous terms from a financial and logistic point of view. Our company's services guarantee quality at affordable prices. Our specialists cope with any difficulties connected with the transportation of international goods. They carry out all the necessary measures that can protect the interests of customers, while ensuring prompt and high-quality delivery of goods to the right place. Logistics services of our company are popular not only in our country. A lot of countries, cooperating with us, were able to assess the possibilities of our work. We have been operating in shipping business for more than fifteen years, which allowed us to accumulate an incredibly large and diverse experience with different customers and situations.

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